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Wight Salads Group

The Company

We are the leading UK supplier of top quality tomatoes to many of the major retailers. Focus is on special varieties with extra taste. We supply around 55% of all UK grown organic tomatoes.

New Product Development
We test and compare around 300 different varieties of tomato every year. The very best are further evaluated in commercial trials and the best of these are introduced to the retailers.

 Grower of the Year 2011Brian Moralee has won "Young Grower of the Year 2011"! This fantastic award is in recognition of the excellent tomatoes Brian and his team grow on the Isle of Wight.

Key figures from the produce industry were amongst the first to congratulate Brian on this prestigious award. It adds to the "Organic Grower of the Year" awarded to our company in 2009, and highlights the outstanding growers we have in our team. 

Wight Salads are organically certified to the highest level by the UK Soil Association and are committed to growing the best organic tomatoes available anywhere in the world.


We focus on innovation in all aspects of crop production, agronomy, technical support services, grading, packing, ICT and production of management information.


We own nursery sites in the UK, Spain and Portugal. We also have close partnership arrangements in Holland, Israel, Canary Islands, Spain, Italy and France.


We currently employ over 450 people from over 20 countries. 


We have now completed an extra seven hectares of brand new, state-of-the-art glass in Portugal. We have also invested in state of the art IT management through the company to give us more time to focus on growing. 

The Future

As a company we are committed to growing the best tasting tomatoes from the best environment.

Organic Production

We are an industry leader in the organic growing of tomatoes. We have recently opened a brand new, computer-controlled compost production facility costing almost £1 million. This allows us to create specialist compost mixes that provide optimum growing conditions for our crops.


 Plan A Award 2010In 2010 Wight Salads were delighted to be awarded the prestigous "Plan A Award" from one of our customers. This represents an enormous amount of work form the growing team in recent seasons.


We focus on techniques that are in sympathy with the environment. All raw materials are recycled as far as is possible. New sustainable methods of energy production are under investigation, and designed to maximise the utilisation of waste products and minimise the use of fossil fuels.


Wight Salads packing operations are centralized in Chichester. They feature the very best quality of building, machinery and equipment. Temperature control is maintained throughout the packing process, ensuring top quality products being delivered to our customers.

Community Projects


Wight Salads are pleased to work alongside AquAid to aid projects in Africa that install and supply Elephant Pumps for clean water to local communities.


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